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If you have ever:

  • Had your voice been silenced at any time in your life because of a dysfunctional relationship of any type.
  • Felt or now feel totally broken.
  • Stuck in a dreadful meaningless life.
  • Reached insurmountable difficulties and roadblocks in life.
  • Struggled and seemingly failed to make “best life” decisions.
  • Desired a better life for yourself but can’t seem to make it happen.
  • Or, if all of these have rung true to you.
Brave Space

If so, 414 Life Coaching is here for you! It was created for such times and emotions you have or are now experiencing. We meet you where you are, come alongside you, and guide you through the process of making the personal growth and healing life changes you desire and deserve. We do this by:

  • Encouraging you to confidentially share your story so that the lies and false truths presented within it can be confronted and dismantled.
  • Engaging and supporting your efforts to rewrite and design the “True You” you so desire to become.
  • Empowering you to transition onto your new life path that leads to the life you want to live.

Working together, as we support, inspire, and motivate you to share your story, you’ll realize all your lies have been disrupted and dissolved. As a result, you’ll gain peace and a pathway to rebuild something new from what was once broken and/or blocked. That is what 414 Life Coaching is designed to do. We empower your ability to meet your challenges, become victorious, and start living your “True You!” We are here for you. I, Tiqua Davis, founder and Lead Coach of 414 Life Coaching can confidently say this because I too was once where and experiencing what you’re facing today. But it can be overcome. You can be victorious! If you haven’t read “My Why” story yet, click here to discover the why and how 414 Life Coaching and its “Truth Diary” were created.

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