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Welcome to My Why!

Welcome to Brave Space to Land!

Why have I called it that? Because it is all about you having a brave, safe space in which to discover the true you; the you, you are designed to be.

So much of what I have experienced and carried in life has trained me to be fearful and silent. It has held me to an existence that is not genuine to the person I truly am. Learning to live with dysfunction settles you into complacency, often times without even realizing it. It keeps you in an existence that is not true to the person you are meant to be.

My Story

I often recall a moment when I was fifteen years old, sitting on my bed and holding my first diary in my hand. Nothing had been written on the pages yet. I sat, staring at the book, feeling unsafe and alone but I found a sense of security in the thought that I could write down what I was fearful of sharing with anyone. I remember the first time I felt silenced. The atmosphere in the house had become so quiet it was palpable. I instinctively reassured my baby brother that it was going to be okay, and then…the yelling, banging and violence began. I was only five years old, petrified, sitting at the breakfast table trying to keep it together wanting to go and tell someone but not allowed to.  My voice was silenced. The outlet of writing down all that I internalized while enduring extreme trauma over the years became second-nature to me. It wasn’t the same as being able to talk with someone I could trust, but it gave me some relief and at least for a little while I could breathe easier. Little did I know that continuing to write down all that I was experiencing and feeling would set me up at an appointed time later in adulthood to reach back and discover an unhealthy pattern revealed in my words that was recurring in my life and helped me to the make one of the most important decisions that changed the course of my life for the better. Even though I had not verbalized all that I was going through, what I had recorded by hand SAVED. MY. LIFE. The gift that I received in that moment is the same gift I wish to give to others who feel as if it is safer to be quiet than to break their silence…even if that means writing it down.

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